How Was The Ashk Created?

Now, healing thing is an awareness beyond its usage in fashion. The internalization and deciding to share such awareness with you, has been strengthened together with starting my education at the Barbara Brannan School of Healing in Miami. I continue to experience the healing the body by cleaning the blocks from the energetic body, through my study on human energy field with Brannan who is suggesting "you can do more than you thought you could do". I saw that, it's us who can recover ourselves from all the adversities including disease. The energy we possessed , the universal energy, the energy of our aura has the power to heal us through natural ways. This knowledge caused me to dedicate myself to an intention and thereafter an exciting discovery. I've been feeling the excitement and desire to create something that will open the channels of the healing process in our aura as well as to consolidate and unite us. I also wanted to share this with everyone, especially with the intention of rehabilitation!

So, how would I do it?

"I found it." answer is the flower. They are the most beautiful and precious energies we have in the universe. They are the stabilizer offered us by the universe for the healing of energy nodes in each body. They will bring the happiness with their beauties, and bring the love and our skin together through smelling. I have experienced the notes of fragrance in my exciting journey with them. I wanted each flower fragrance to touch your emotional, spiritual and faith systems with a moderate, simple and pleasure. I wanted that the note of each flower to be your healing to stabilize your energy, and that the eau de cologne taking you to dreams, will invite you to the Eau de Colonge turned into ASHK, by cutting you loose. you should accept the invitation too... It's ready now ~ Heal as you go on using, and as You healed, get more ASHK, the Eau de Cologne is fully featured. Get used to healing. you should come and join too...

Narin Akçelik

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