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Akish Umut Diffuser

Narcissus Flower
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Honeysuckle & Narcissus Flower


Sometimes it’s to adapt to the wind blowing, sometimes to dance with the waves in the sea and sometimes to simply follow the stars... Be in the flow, be with your Creator and yourself... With the love of Ashk...


With mystic and strong effect, it is a stimulating scent. It has an antiseptic feature. It helps you relax emotionally and physically. It also supports you to get rid of stress and strengthens your heart.

Umut Diffuser

Sandal Wood
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Fig & Sandalwood


Umut you choose from the collection specially prepared by us for you using distinguished essences has been inspired from the fact that ASHK starts with a look or chitchat, and merely flows from an hourglass into the heart expectantly.

At the reunion time,

hearts are ready for fluttering

in new beginnings

when Ashk touches your

body with full of hope…


Alliance of fig and sandalwood tree to help you relieve tiredness and remove pessimism, encouraging you; to clean dirty energy, giving serenity and peace and gingering up wherever you are; and to power-up to employees both physically and mentally.

Hayal Diffuser

Sandal Wood
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Amber & Sandal Wood & Black Pepper - Glass Series 250ml Hand Made


Hayal you choose from the collection specially prepared by us for you using distinguished essences has been created through a life cycle cherished by dreams.

The lover’s dream tears

the heart out,

strengthens with its cycle!

It cures every moment

when it holds itself captive…

And its drop brings ASHK

to your heart in silence.


With its relaxing and relieving effect, the triad of amber, sandalwood and black pepper helps ease your unnecessary worry and unreasonable fear, bolsters up your nerves whenever you need, enhances your discernment, and triggers your sense of leadership. It especially helps you focus on the decision making process at meeting rooms. It is considered as the fragrance of positive emotions and thoughts.

Nevin Diffuser

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Rose & Jasmine & Amber - Glass Series 250ml - Hand Made.


Seven firmaments, seven-hilled Istanbul and seven doors of the human soul are the sources of inspiration for Nevin you choose from the collection specially prepared by us for you using distinguished essences.

Purity is the door of life.

Relief is the door of intention.

Magnanimousness is

the door of goodness.

Reality is the door of truth.

Self-consciousness is

the door of learning.

Peace is the door of feelings.

And the love is the door of

ASHK in every drop.


Love meets a combination of amber, jasmine and rose that not only raises your optimism and sense of trust but also gives serenity to your soul; that helps you invigorate your memory whenever you take a breath; and that refreshes your skin in every drop with its effect against dysmnesia.

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